About us


Hello, we are Traveloaid

Traveloaid is one of the leading brands in travel booking industry. We provide competitive rates in Flights and Hotel booking. Traveloaid is known for its fast and easy to use services which makes it better than its competitors. While providing the customers with best prices Traveloaid also offers a lot of discounts and coupons.
Traveloaid now has a large customer base with a 99% Satisfaction rate. It offers a 24/7 round the clock support, which brings your most trusted travel agent just a phone call away from you.
A strong and "trusted" travel brand , our strengths include a large and loyal customer base, a multi-channel platform for leisure and business travelers, a robust mobile eco-system for a spectrum of travelers and suppliers, a strong technology platform designed to deliver a high level of scalability and innovation and a seasoned senior management team comprising of industry executives with deep roots in the travel industry around the globe.

Traveloaid offers travel services to almost every country in the world at an affordable price. Due to this, Traveloaid has become a perfect choice for the ones who wish to travel to any place. If any traveller is having any doubts and is suspicious about our services, then the simplest thing would be to call our experts to get the best assistance from our side.

There are as many as 600 popular passenger airlines which are operating in this world. Some of these airlines are operating autonomously while some are cooperating with others by making alliances to offer many more destinations. However, some low-cost airlines do not possess any cooperation agreements with the top airlines by limiting their combination options which are available to the travellers. At Traveloaid travel service company, we eliminate this bottleneck by letting the travellers create itineraries from the flight combinations which are limitless. We are 25 % cheaper as compared to other travel service providers while in a few cases, you get 60% savings.